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Most pigmented moles are benign but the possibility of malignancy places a substantial load on health services. Most of those referred are considered by the dermatologist as benign by inspection without the need for mole removal and histology. Moles removed at specialist review are less rather than more likely to be melanoma.
The need for a reliable, practical technology to help clinicians in primary and secondary care to separate those more or less at risk is substantial.
The nomela® test is designed solely for professional medical use. Dedicated modified iPads loaded with the proprietary software (the nomela® device) incorporate authorised user access, patient identification by barcode reading, regional and close-up image acquisition and the image analysis system. This is not an AI/machine learning system. Numerical values of the image are generated. The algorithms enable separation of suspect skin lesions into two groups, "N" "not-at-risk" containing no cases of melanoma and "R" "at-risk" containing all the cases of melanoma but also with benign lesions. The result is available immediately on screen. The report with images is capable of upload via secure pathway into EPR/systems.