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Moletest (Scotland) Ltd. has a rigorous development programme of clinical studies. The objective has been to demonstrate that nomela® as a rule-out diagnostic aid shows high sensitivity.

Clinical Study 1: A hospital-based study to discriminate benign pigmented skin lesions from those considered suspect for melanoma at Lanarkshire (C4), completed April 2016.
There were 715 lesions which had usable images, available diagnoses and all 5 proprietary signal processing measurements, 61.1% had at least one measurement beyond the range for 'melanoma' that nomela® could 'rule-out' for melanoma.

Clinical study 2: Testing nomela® on images of skin lesions confirmed as melanoma (C7), completed December 2018.
C7 and C4 mages were combined and tested. Results show nomela® can identify a 'rule-out' group of 46% at 100% sensitivity.

Clinical Study 3: Testing nomela® on suspicious pigmented naevi: a hospital-based study at Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (C8) is about to begin.